Cultural Immersion in Lyon

Lyon’s streets are an art gallery filled with stunning frescos and murals. Unleash your inner detective by exploring Lyon’s historical traboules (hidden passageways).

Untain the city’s rich past through one of France’s premier archaeological collections in Lyon. Discover its beginnings through discoveries like the Lugdunum Tablet and learn about Gallic beliefs and cults.


Join a cultural immersion journey of Lyon’s museums! Lyon is home to impressive galleries that house works that date from 14th-century masterpieces all the way up to contemporary works at museums like Musee des Beaux Arts in Lyon – this latter museum houses antiquities from every major European era, such as Greek and Egyptian antiquities as well as French and Italian pieces.

The Institut Lumiere is another outstanding museum. This “museum, film library, resource and conservation center” honors Auguste and Louis Lumiere who invented cinematography here in Lyon in the late 1800s. Visitors to this unique center will find historical artifacts including early moving pictures as well as an authentic worker’s apartment that gives an idea of life back then in Lyon.

The Musee des Tissus et des Arts Decoratifs is an intriguing museum designed for fashion-minded visitors. This museum displays dresses, decorative fabrics, models of looms and religious vestments from Lyon’s silk industry which flourished for centuries – an engaging blend of history and culture suitable for families alike.

For something a bit more stimulating and entertaining, the Illusions Museum offers something truly captivating: Holograms, Kaleidoscopes and Visual Puzzles will keep visitors amused for hours – perfect for students studying abroad as it helps them discover the world in new ways!

Musee National du Film is another amazing museum, boasting one of the country’s premier collections of film reels from cinema’s golden age and other fascinating items that any cinephile will find fascinating.


Lyon, situated between two of France’s premier wine regions, is famous for its gourmet cuisine. You’ll be able to indulge in everything from its popular charm of its famous bouchon bistros to the elegant elegance of two and three star restaurants here.

Lyon has long been home to award-winning chefs, but the city now features a new wave of culinary talent who are keeping tradition alive. Savoie-born Chef Ludovic Mey and Brazilian Wife Tabata opened Les Apothicaires, described as being “like having dinner at your grandmother’s with everyone you know.” Their menu boasts delicate Franco-Latino-Nordic dishes like Veal Tartar with Lemon Thyme & Roast Apples or Whitting served with Butternut Confit, Black Radish XO sauce alongside selection of wines or soft beverages to complement each dish

For an immersive culinary and wine experience, visit Les Halles de la Martiniere; an indoor market offering fresh produce as well as trendy restaurants. In addition, smaller markets throughout the city provide plenty of opportunity to taste local delicacies.

On a relaxing evening stroll through Paris’ hip neighborhoods, enjoy a glass of wine at one of its lively bars or pubs, then join a party in one of Croix-Rousse’s clubs featuring many trompe-l’oeils (tricks of the eye).

If you prefer watching sports live, come support Olympique Lyonnais at Stade de Gerland – they compete in French top tier league Ligue 1.


Lyon offers something for every learner in terms of history, culture and art. Its many museums provide insight into France’s rich past while at the same time serving as vibrant cultural hubs today.

The Musee d’Histoire de Lyon provides an ideal starting point to understanding Lyon and its history through exhibits, paintings, photographs and sculptures. Here you can witness how Lyon transformed itself into an industrial center thanks to the silk industry during the 19th century; also gain an understanding of its development from prehistoric roots through to present day status.

Museum Lumiere is an invaluable destination for any fan of cinematic arts. Here you can witness first-hand how the Lumiere brothers used cinematograph to project their first films, as well as marveling at their technical artistry in creating it. A must for film fans and a wonderful way to introduce younger members of your family to cinema!

Musee des Arts de la Marionnette offers visitors an immersive puppetry history lesson while participating in live marionette shows! Situated within Hotel Gadagne, this museum forms part of a larger museum complex offering textiles and decorative arts exhibitions to visitors as well.

Students pursuing a language or study abroad program in Lyon will find themselves immersed in French culture in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. Spend your weekends exploring cobbled streets, planning a picnic with friends or simply practicing your French while dining at traditional French restaurants. Be sure to enroll with a language/study abroad program provider, so they can arrange regular group excursions and cultural classes designed to ease assimilation into Lyon life.

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